Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Episode 8: the blood begins to flow

The story so far... in the midst of following an international trail of subterfuge, agent John Drake has found himself pursued by doctors and dragged down by unexpected suspicions of lurking disease. Now he has awoken in a strange hospital, with no idea how he got there...
Sinner Photography/Foter.com/CC-BY-NC
“There, I think that’s enough blood,” Nurse Cooper held up the full syringe to the light.
“I want to leave please.” Drake struggled to raise himself from the bed. His legs still failed to respond.
“You are free to leave at any time,” said Nurse Cooper with a smile as she decanted the crimson fluid into specimen containers. 
“Well, give me a hand then.”
“I’m sorry, I can’t do that. It would mean I was abetting you – defying the wishes of the doctors. I can’t go against the wishes of the doctors. We’d all like you to stay.”
“We’d like you to be well.” Nurse Cooper smiled her bland smile again. 
Drake flumped back onto the pillows. He was powerless, and he lay there inwardly fuming. He heard the sharp tap of footsteps echoing down the white corridor, and then a dark and familiar figure appeared at the nurse’s side.
“Dr Sixsmith! Finally someone who can inject some sanity. Please will you get me out of here.” 
Drake’s GP patted him on the arm. “Sorry to see you here old chap,” said Dr Sixsmith. “But the thing is, it’s the best place for you. We need to get to the bottom of why you collapsed yesterday. It’s also an opportunity to follow up on those abnormal readings we were getting for your prostate, cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure...”
“Abnormal? What do you mean abnormal? You told me they were nothing to worry about.”
“Yes, but they were still outside the normal range. They might indicate arterial problems for example. Now be a good fellow, sit tight and we’ll soon have you as right as rain. Be seeing you.”
He turned to go, and as he did so took Nurse Cooper aside. “Nurse, would you mind trotting along to the Director. Tell him that Bed Number 6 is settling in fine, but we may need to make to accommodate him for a few days. We want to make sure he’s well. Would you mind passing on those words?”
Nurse Cooper nodded eagerly.