Thursday, 31 October 2013

Man-size broccoli recipes

Inspired by the news from the Men’s Health Forum that it will shortly be publishing a booklet on healthy eating for men, I thought it high time I returned to the subject of broccoli. You may remember that, given research indicating that broccoli protects your bones, skin and heart and reduces cancer risk, I previously proposed a Campaign for Real Broccoli. Since then, I have been considering other ways we might be able to make this miracle food appeal to men.
  • Deep fried battered broccoli
  • Doner broccoli kebab
  • Broccoli Pops cereal (with added vitamins, only 12% sugar)
  • Broccoli in the basket
  • Broccoli and tonic 

I would appreciate further suggestions before packaging up my ideas for restaurants, food manufacturers and the Men’s Health Forum.