Thursday, 19 September 2013

Episode one: Danger Man’s doctor

“Ah, Mr Drake, Good Morning.”

“Good morning doctor.”

John Drake had aged since Doctor Sixsmith had last seen him. Yes, four years ago it was, according to his notes, for a broken toe. Drake was still tanned and muscular, clearly a fit and active 40 year-old. But he looked more care-worn than Sixsmith remembered, his laconic smile now bent to a frown, his eyes dark and deep.

“What can I do for you today Mr Drake?”

Drake sat head bent, looking at his clenched hands.

“How’s work?” offered Sixsmith. “Still backwards and forwards to Washinton?”

“There have been... questions asked,” Drake eventually answered. “About my fitness...”



“From Mrs Drake?”

Drake raised his steel blue eyes, and fixed them on the doctor, an eyebrow raised.

“From my employers” he said.


“They would like you to run some tests.”

“Well Mr Drake, at your time of life, and given we haven’t seen you for some time, it probably would be a good idea. Now let’s see, we could obviously check your blood pressure, test your cholesterol, blood sugar. Given your family history, I'm wondering about checking your prostate...”

“Mrs Drake as well.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Mrs Drake would like me to have a check-up.”

“I see.”

“She read some article, in a ... magazine.”

“Good, good. Well just step behind the curtain Mr Drake.”